Cikoproof 2k

CIKOproof 2K is acrylic modified cement based waterproof coating for horizontal and vertical applications on concrete, mortar and clay / cement block masonry surface. CIKOproof 2K is a two component waterproofing system consisting of Part-A which is a blend of select cement type, graded fine aggregates, dispersing agent etc. and Part-B, which is an aqueous dispersion of adhesion enhancing polymer in the form of liquid component. CIKOproof 2K penetrates into the pores of the substrate and seals it to provide a flexible and elastomeric waterproof membrane upon curing. Advantages & Benefits  Two component system.  Easy to mix and use.  Allow the substrate to breath  Non-flammable and Nontoxic.  Negligible volatile organic compounds  Flexible and elastomeric waterproof membrane.  Excellent bond strength.  Crack bridging ability.  Resistance to fungal growth.  Capable to withstand positive and negative hypostatic pressure Application area CIKOproof 2K is a high quality cementitious waterproof membrane coating that can be used for interior or exterior applications.  Masonry wall, concrete and plaster surface.  Water retaining structure such as tank retaining wall and water barriers.  Basements and pits.  Wet area waterproofing.  Roof and terrace waterproofing.